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GCSE Geography

Geography GCSE looks at the issues that are facing people in all parts of the world today, and asks how they might affect students as citizens of tomorrow’s world.

Students find out more about how people are using different environments, both their own and those in other parts of the world. They investigate issues of sustainability; addressing questions such as: 

  • Will the earth still able to provide us with all the resources we take for granted now?
  • Is global warning happening? How will it affect the Earth?
  • What causes natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and volcanoes? How can people cope with them?

We currently follow the Edexcel GCSE Geography specification B, which is made up of 4 equally weighed modules:

Unit 1 Dynamic Earth 25%
Unit 2 People and the Planet 25%
Unit 3 Making Geographical Decisions 25%
Unit 4 Researching Geography 25%

For our current Y11, students are able to sit modules over the course of Year 10 and 11 but must sit two modules in the final examination session in the summer of Year 11.  

However the current Year 10 will sit a  modular course with all examinations at the end of Year 11.

Edexcel GCSE Geography B - Linear